Blue Lake

Old School Recipe


  • 3/10 Bison Vodka

  • 3/10 Blue Tropic

  • 4/10 Sprite or SevenUp, 

  • Lemon Slice

  • Ice


Depending on whether we use a drink with gas for the Blue Lagoon cocktail mix or without it, we will mix it directly 30 ml. of

BISON VODKA and 30 ml. and 40 ml. of Sprite and Blue Tropic in a tall glass with ice.

If we use lemonade or lemon juice we can mix it in a cocktail shaker and then serve it in a cocktail glass. Finally we can decorate the glass with a slice of lemon

Black Spanish

Use 2 of our products!


  • 5/7 Bison Vodka

  • 2/7 Bison Café

  • 1 Marrasquino Cherry


In a short glass, add ice cubes, then you must pour the vodka and the vodka cafe. Add to the brim soda or sparkling water and serve.

But!! We recommended that it be served in a shoot glass.

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