About Bison

Welcome to the Herd.

The history of Bison Liquors goes back to mid 2018,

our culture is based on Spirits and with a traditional and unique recipe for each of our products.


Bison Liquors retains the tradition of the centennial secrets of the first Spirits with an adaptation to

current tastes.


In the past the elaboration procedure was manual, nowadays all these procedures have gone down in history, today thanks to the technology Bison Liquors can offer a wide catalog of products such as Vodka, Gin, Flavoured Vodkas and products ready to serve.


Premium Products at affordable prices.

​Our philosophy is to create premium products at affordable prices, so that all the people of Canada and around the world can enjoy high quality products.


Something that is within everyone's reach, but only a select few will be able to discover. People say that there are not two equal liquors, that each one has a life of its own and hides some secrets.

Ours, without a doubt, is in the selection of the raw material and in a careful traditional elaboration, following the classic recipes for the elaboration of liquor.


The result is Spirits with fruity aromas and unique flavours that make Bison Liquors the pride of Manitoba.


 Unveiled our secret, you just have to enjoy it!!


Thanks for your